Why to Choose Our FTP Client?

Much of today's world stores information of all kinds in electronic format. It is an absolute necessity for businesses to get real-time information at the right moment and to put it in the right hands. People need to be able to communicate with remote servers anywhere in the world - to download important files, manage web sites, backup and mirror data to another computer and much more.

BitKinex can help you tackle all of these tasks with ease and efficiency.

Find out why you should switch to our FTP client today:

  • Site Navigation Without Freezing Windows
    Our unique technology of user request handling makes the browsing of remote sites more effective and easy than ever before. While the FTP programs available today simply hang while retrieving the contents of remote directories, BitKinex processes such requests simultaneously on multiple connections.

    In addition, a cached version of the directory content is displayed immediately. From now on you don't need to wait when you make a mistake and accidentally click on a wrong folder. BitKinex allows you to click on the right one immediately and also immediately starts to retrieve the content of the directory you want to see. Experienced users will appreciate the ability to retrieve the directory contents in parallel - saving them a lot of time and bringing much more fun into their work.

  • Robust Request Handling Saves Your Time and Your Data
    Nothing is more frustrating than wasting time trying to tackle ordinary tasks with unreliable tools. BitKinex's built-in request manager watches all your tasks in detail, regardless if you're uploading web pages, moving complex directory structures, editing remote files, or creating new directories. Unlike other programs, Bitkinex does not differentiate between file trasnfers and other requests. BitKinex assigns high priority status to all your requests, handles them the same way and automatically uses all available connections to process them in the shortest time possible.

    In addition, completed requests are automatically archived in a separate History tab so you will never lose the overview of all your previous activities. Another great way to speed-up and simplify your work is the ability to restart existing requests. If you have to periodically update your web pages or backup your data, just click on the traffic light symbol in the request list and BitKinex restarts the transfer automatically!

  • Indirect FTP, SFTP and WebDAV Transfers Simplify Your Work
    Are you wondering why your FTP client isn't able to handle simple tasks like copying files from one remote directory to another? It's because the selected transfer protocol either does not support such transfers at all or because they are disabled by the involved servers or firewalls. In such cases, the more sophisticated clients will inform you that you have to download the files to a temporary directory on your local machine and then upload them back to the destination folder - but most of the programs will silently disallow such operations in general.

    The innovative solution for this problem provided by BitKinex is called "indirect transfers." You can use clipboard or drag-and-drop exactly the same way you would in Windows Explorer for any transfer you start. Simplify your work and don't worry about copying files on a remote server, or between two servers, or even between two servers running different transfer protocols!

    For example, power users and administrators can mirror files from a WebDAV server to an FTP server or copy complex directory structures from an SFTP server to WebDAV. Any combination of supported protocols is allowed and every request of that kind can be managed in detail (as described in the previous chapter) or resumed upon application restart.

    Direct server-to-server transfers (FXP) are supported as well and you can use them whenever they can be handled by the involved servers.

  • User Interface Doesn't Clutter Your Desktop
    The vast majority of computer users don't place a high priority on understanding all of the details pertaining to data transfers and management.

    Therefore, BitKinex communicates with you via a highly scalable user interface which doesn't disturb you from your primary tasks. BitKinex increases your productivity by allowing you to solve other tasks while processing your requests in the background. With just one click you can minimize the space occupied by BitKinex to one small window showing the status of running requests, and with just a few clicks you can see all the details again. Sound alerts and a blinking icon on the system taskbar will let you know as soon as the status of any of your requests changes.

  • Inherited Properties Enable Easy and Powerful Configuration
    For your convenience, all remote servers (as well as your local computer) within Bitkinex are simply called "data sources." This is due to the unified handling of all user requests (regardless which transfer protocol has to be used). It is also a result of the supported indirect transfers which let you transfer your files between two remote servers running different protocols, between a remote server and your local machine or just copying from one directory to another directory on your machine - all unattended.

    The strictly supported properties inheritance is a mechanism which makes the configuration of your data sources easy and flexible. You can use folders to create data source groups exactly the same way you create folders in Windows Explorer. Each data source can inherit all or selected properties from the parent folder, or define them by itself. You can decide which options should be used globally, which should be valid for a specific group and which data sources need their own special settings.

  • Expanded Number of Supported Protocols and Security Standards
    In contrast to ordinary FTP clients, the robust request handling engine and smart user interface found within BitKinex allows simple usage of multiple transfer protocols in a way never seen before. The set of protocols supported today includes FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS and WebDAV and will continue to grow in the near future.

    The built-in certificate manager together with support for the SSH2 password and public key authentication and HTTP basic and digest authorization gurantees a high level of security for all your activities in the dangerous world of Internet.

    To learn more about BitKinex, please see the list of implemented features.